Strong winds blow through Valley, knocking down trees and power lines

New Buffalo Road tree down Beaver Township

(WYTV) – There was so much damage from Wednesday’s high winds, it was hard to keep up with it all. Thousands of First Energy customers lost power — all while the sun continued to shine.

First Energy expects to restore power to the majority of affected customers by Thursday at 11:30 p.m.

Power outages as of 10:51 p.m.:

  • Mahoning County: 1,831
  • Trumbull County: 1,586
  • Columbiana County: 243
  • Lawrence County: 369
  • Mercer County: 3,194

For updates, check First Energy’s website.

Semi after semi pulled out of Truck World in Hubbard around 7 p.m. after the power went out a half-hour earlier, leaving all road signs and restaurants in the dark.

At East Market and Perkinswood in Warren, part of a 200-year-old tree fell on a house owned by Lane Funeral homes, damaging it. Bazetta Tree was already working to remove it.

“Well, right now I have this one on a house, I have one up on Northwoods on a house, I have one in Boardman on a house, and that’s been in the last hour or so,” Dave Cauley said.

On Stanton Avenue on Niles’ south side, chainsaws cut through a large tree that fell and heavily damaged a garage and car.

“I look up to grab my coat and come out my door and I have no garage and my car’s all smashed in,” Donna Isenberg said.

Buhl Park in Hermitage closed around 3:30 p.m. The gates were locked up after seven trees reportedly fell inside the park.

A tree also crossed New Buffalo Road in Beaver Township.  Another blocked traffic on Memorial Hill Drive in Mill Creek Park. At Midlothian and Erie on Youngtown’s South Side, a tree blew over, taking power lines with it.

A pine tree uprooted on Oakdale Drive NW in Warren, part of it landing on the roof of the Apostolic Christian Church.

In Austintown, the wind rolled a large pipe from the I-80 construction project right onto Route 46, blocking an entire lane until it could be moved.

A good display of the wind’s intensity could been seen on Lake Milton. The gusts were so strong, the water was being picked up off the lake and forming small clouds. There were white caps and ripples of waves, pushing their way toward shore.

Viewers also reported downed trees by Yankee Run Golf Course in Brookfield and on Sheridan Road near Mathews.

The Ohio Turnpike had a travel ban for some vehicles due to the wind gusts. The Pennsylvania Turnpike was under a weather watch and also banned oversized, commercial, and Class 9 vehicles between the Gateway Interchange (Ohio Connection) and the Fort Littleton Interchange, exit #180 and #48 and the Allegheny Valley Interchange, exit #48.

Both travel bans were lifted around 5 p.m.