91-year-old Union Twp. man killed in police involved shooting

UNION TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WYTV) – A standoff in Union Township Wednesday night led police officers to shoot and kill a 91-year-old man who they said confronted them with a gun.

Spring Street was quiet Thursday, but neighbors said it was a much different scene last night.

“The cops came to my door and actually told me to stay in,” Tammee Shaftic said.

Frank Wratny’s niece called Union Township police about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday to Wratny’s home on Spring Street after she said her uncle shot at her, according to a police report.

Officers requested assistance from the New Castle Police Special Response Team.

Shaftic started to worry when she saw the men in camo come in a big truck.

“That’s when I realized that everything was getting serious and it needed to come to an end,” she said.

Wratny confronted officers with a gun from his front door after two hours, according to the report.

“We didn’t see him, we just saw the gun stick out the door,” said Vision Davidson, a neighbor. “He was shooting off, and we were sitting on the swing and we were just watching, and I saw he had his shotgun and he put it out the door and he started shooting.”

She said cops then surrounded the home.

“They charged in the front door and we heard another shot.”

An officer shot Wratny, killing him, and ended the standoff that lasted over three and a half hours.

Davidson said it was a very scary moment for the entire neighborhood.

“I didn’t know him personally, but he was always a nice neighbor and would wave to us.”

It’s unclear which police department the officer who shot Wratny worked for.

Pennsylvania State Police have since taken over the case and are investigating. They plan on releasing more information at a later time.