EPA’s lead water-mapping deadline nears

SEBRING, Ohio (WYTV) – Last year, lead was found in the drinking water at Sebring and other communities around Ohio.

Because of that, the Environmental Protection Agency is now requiring all cities to map out which parts of their water systems are at risk for containing lead. The deadline to complete the maps is Thursday, March 9.

A total of 900 individual water systems have to be mapped out and submitted. So far, only 80 percent of communities have complied with this state law, however.

This law was passed June of last year because of the water crisis in Sebring and other communities. The Ohio EPA required all water systems to identify and map areas of their distribution systems that are known or likely to contain lead service lines.

Also in the report must be a description of buildings served by the water system that could contain lead solder, fixtures, or pipes. The maps will be used by Ohio EPA to ensure that the proper lead and copper sampling is done in areas of lead service lines.

Now all of the communities must submit a detailed description of their water systems and what areas are more prone to lead piping. All of that is going to be submitted on the Ohio EPA website.