‘I got in there and held them under water,’ mom says in Pa. child murder case

Courtesy: KDKA Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KDKA and the Associated Press) – The trial for a woman accused of drowning her two young sons in a bathtub resumed Thursday morning.

Police say Laurel Schlemmer, 43, admitted to drowning the boys, ages 3 and 6, at her home in McCandless in 2014.

Initially Schlemmer told 911 she left the room and returned to find the boys unconscious.

She later changed her story in an interview with police.

“These crazy voices were prompting me to act irrationally and I changed clothes and got in there with them and held them under water,” she said.

Prosecutors claim Schlemmer had tried to harm the boys in the past.

One time, prosecutors say she left a boy in a hot car. On another occasion, she allegedly ran over both boys with her van.

Today, her husband, Mark, testified she wanted to surrender to police for purposely running over the boys the year before – but he talked her out of it.