Nugget of Knowledge: ‘Top of the morning to you!’

Mickey Mouse named after Mickey Rooney

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse after the actor Mickey Rooney. Walt dated Rooney’s mother for a while.

Walt was the original voice of Mickey. Mickey’s ears are always turned to the front, no matter which way he’s facing.

Four people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was his body, James Earl Jones his voice, Sebastian Shaw was his face and voice actor Ben Burtt did his breathing.

The full expression “happy as a clam” is “happy as a clam at high tide.” Clams are always happy at high tide because we only harvest them when the tide is out.

When your bathroom sink is full, the little hole that lets the water drain instead of flowing over the side is called a percolator.

The soda 7 Up was created in 1929. Its bottler selected 7 because the original containers held seven ounces. “Up” is the direction the bubbles went.

A can of Diet Coke will float in water. Regular Coke sinks.

A 12 ounce can of Coke has more mass because of its 39 grams of sugar compared to the 125 milligrams of sweetener in a can of Diet Coke.

Pepsi Cola owns America’s largest truck fleet. Coca-Cola is fourth.

The most widely eaten fruit in America is the banana.

The response to the Irish greeting, top of the morning to you is “and the rest of the day to yourself.”

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