Nugget of Knowledge: Airplane Facts

At high altitude, alcohol hits you harder

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Planes often transport dead bodies in their cargo holds, but bodies can leak, which can sometimes get on suitcases. So, some newer planes have a hold in their cabins for people who die mid-flight.

If a pilot says there’s been a technical delay, it really means a passenger could be throwing a fit, is late or is arguing with a desk agent.

It’s almost impossible for turbulence to crash a plane, the real danger is things flying around the cabin. You haven’t seen bad turbulence until people start hitting the ceiling and bags start falling on your head.

Commercial airliners can fly with only one engine. If an engine catches fire, the flight crew can extinguish it mid-flight.

Altitude thins your blood so alcohol hits you harder. There’s a saying that one drink in the air is worth two on the ground… believe it!

That pull down table your food tray is on? People change baby diapers on it quite often.

Don’t act like a jerk while waiting for takeoff. If a flight attendant feels uncomfortable with a passenger, he or she can tell the pilot… then that passenger is gone from the plane.

Keep your shoes on… the floor is filthy. Someone almost certainly vomited right next to wherever you are sitting.

If the cabin loses pressure, you only have a few seconds before it starts getting to your head, so put your mask on quickly!

Flying is the safest way to travel — we lose about 30,000 people in car accidents every year. But, in most years, no one dies in a commercial airline accident.

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