Don’t just set clocks ahead, change smoke detector batteries

Howland Township Fire Chief James Pantalone said the department has batteries in stock for citizens

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Daylight Saving Time starts early Sunday morning.

Not only do you need to spring your clocks ahead, but it’s also a good time to put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors.

Howland Township Fire Chief James Pantalone said this is a small step that can save lives.

“If you’re deficient in your house and you don’t have one — the residents of Howland Township — the fire department does have some stock,” Pantalone said. “So please, look at contacting us.”

Chief Pantalone says doing this about every six months — whenever you have to change your clocks — will keep your smoke detectors ready in case of an emergency.

You can contact the Howland Fire Department at 330-856-5002.