Ellwood City Hospital gets second chance, partners with Florida-based company

The 62 bed hospital has been in business for 104 years, but for more than a decade, it has been in financial trouble

ELLWOOD CITY, Pa. (WYTV) – One Pennsylvania hospital has been saved from potentially having to shut its doors.

Ellwood City Hospital, a rural acute care hospital, is regarded as one of the main staples in Lawrence County.

The 62 bed hospital has been in business for 104 years, but for more than a decade, it has been in financial trouble.

“[If the hospital closed] it would be devastating to our community because of the elderly especially. It would be tough for them to get to these other facilities,” said Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court.

After years of budget cuts and major layoffs, there was not much more that could be done. The hospital’s board of trustees had to look for even more ways to save the facility, spending one year looking for a partner.

“We really need some new, additional services to pump into the community to support the meat and potatoes services of care we do on a daily basis,” said Ellwood City Hospital CEO Carolyn Izzo.

The hospital announced this past week it was purchased by a Florida-based company, Americore Health, LLC. The company provides business capital and management for rural hospitals.

Izzo says the purchase is huge because Americore is committed to the local community and high level care.

“We tried to cut every way imaginable. If we had not found a partner then our only option would have had to be closing our doors,” she said.

New medical services will eventually be coming to Ellwood City to better serve patients.

“It will be a big boost for our community, working together with our community and this Florida-based group. I believe it’s a win-win situation and am grateful they are on board with us at this time,” Court said.

Emergency, surgical and inpatient treatments will continue.

“Now I believe that we have new life and this will help us move forward,” Izzo said.