Nugget of Knowledge: Dictionary additions

All other stations in town are "weak sauce!"

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Some words that have been added to the latest dictionary:

Airball– to miss the basket, rim and backboard in basketball.
Binge-watch- to watch many episodes of a favorite show.
Food insecure- Fear associated with lack of grocery stores near you.
Ghost (verb)- Completely cut off a person from your life.
NSFW- Not Suitable For Work. A site that you shouldn’t open on a work PC.
Photobomb- to poke your head into the background of a photo.
Train wreck– a person or thing that is a complete disaster.
Truther- someone who feels obligated to come out with details of an unknown scandal.
Wayback- the furthest row of seats in a mini van.
Weak sauce- inferior, weak person or thing.
Woo-woo- something mystical or fantasy, not based in science.
Yowza- General term for excitement, or surprise.

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