Sheriff wants full-body X-ray machine at Trumbull County Jail

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Full-body X-Ray machines are used in places such as airports where security is tight. Now, the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office wants to add one to the intake area of the county jail.

Sheriff Paul Monroe says putting inmates just entering the jail through the body scan when they arrive will help stop drugs from entering the facility. He says it’s a proactive approach to a problem they continue to battle.

“When prisoners know they are going to jail, often times they will ingest sealed containers that house illegal substances. Days later those substances come back out and we have drugs in the jail,” Monroe said. “It’ll be able to detect if you have a foreign substance in our body and where it is in your body.”

Monroe asked commissioners to put a bid out for a full-body x-ray machine, similar to the ones TSA uses at airports.

The machines are pricey, ranging anywhere from $115,000 to $250 million. But common pleas court judges have agreed to foot half the bill, with the rest coming from the general fund.

“At a time when expenses are tight for the judges to step up and work cooperatively with us – my hat is off to them,” Monroe said.

Commissioners also approved the implementation of several inmate fees. The first, a one-time inmate reception fee of $40 to inmates sentenced to time at the jail. The second is charged to sentenced inmates as a co-pay for medical services they seek while at the jail.  Money collected from these fees will go directly to the sheriff’s office.