Study digs deeper into injuries with nursery products

Products like car seats, cribs, mattresses and strollers are posing hazards for some children

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Nearly 70,000 children younger than the age of three go to the hospital every year for accidents that involve nursery products – that’s one child every 8 minutes.

A Nationwide Children’s Hospital study published in the Pediatrics journal Monday looked at emergency room visits over a 21-year period, January 1991 through December 2011. Research showed nursery product-related injuries increased nearly 25% within the last eight years of the study.

Products like car seats, cribs, mattresses and strollers are posing hazards for some children. The most common injury comes when a child falls from one of those products.

Stephanie Weigel with Akron Children’s Hospital said parents are faced with dozens of options in design and manufacturer of baby products. She says to help choose the safest products parents should follow the four Rs:

  • Research – Read reviews to find out which manufacturer has a good reputation.
  • Register – Every baby product you buy comes with card – fill it out
  • Recall – Check recall lists. You can sign up for product recall alerts.
  • Read – Read the owner’s manual and make sure you understand the proper use of the product.

Weigel said those recall lists and register cards are so important when it comes time to inform parents that a product they purchased could pose a risk.

“When there is a recall they will pull up the lot that was recalled and everyone that sent in one of those cards and registered the item gets reached out to,” Weigel said.

Studies show up to 80% of recalled children’s products aren’t returned.

Also, families that don’t buy new products should be extra cautious, Mehan said. She warned not to use a crib made before June 2011, because of new safety standards. Also, avoid using used car seats, because the history of the product can affect its safety.