In push for town hall, Sharon Democrats write letters to Congressman

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – Another week, a new push to get Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly to hold a town hall meeting in District 3.

Close to 40 people met at Cravings in downtown Sharon Friday night to participate in the Democratic Party’s latest effort — a letter-writing campaign.

They want to remind Kelly of a contract he signed in 2010, pledging that if he were elected, there were ten things he would do.

Number ten on that list was “hold regular town hall meetings with constituents during August recesses.”

This movement has now reached far beyond Sharon and Mercer County.

“Just last night, we had our first organizational meeting and it’s going to be called Lawrence County Action,” Kathy Rentz said. “We hope to keep really close tabs on our legislators to let them know how we think about what they’re doing.”

The group prepared 500 letters which will be distributed to constituents in the 3rd district who want a town hall. They then plan on sending them to Congressman Kelly’s local offices and in D.C.