World-wide event raises awareness, money for those with dementia

The funds can help bring new dementia programs and resources to communities in need

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WYTV) – Because dementia is one of the most difficult illnesses for families to deal with, people around the world are banding together to raise money for a good cause.

2017’s World Rocks Against Dementia Day is today, Saturday, March 18. The world-wide campaign uses music to raise awareness and money to support those affected by dementia.

The funds can help bring new dementia programs and resources to communities in need.

This year, 74 cities and 16 countries are participating.

Locally, an event in New Castle is being directed by Anastasia Lynn at The Confluence café on 214 E. Washington Street. It will run from noon until 4 p.m.

“It’s a world-wide rock concert and musical gathering for people to gain of lot of experience and information to learn about dementia, which can affect mainly the elderly, and it’s especially difficult for the caretakers of these people and their families. Today is all about getting information out there about how to care for a loved one with dementia,” Lynn said.

When Lynn went through her own family experience with dementia, she said she had no information about the mental disability. So, through the New Castle event, she hopes to teach others the information she has learned along the way.

All the money raised from each event will go toward The Alive Inside Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring an “empathy revolution” through education, inter-generational practices, music and film.

Alive Inside will then use the money to purchase memory players — wireless personal iPods — for people around the world.

“The Alive Inside Foundation connects generations with the youth of our community to the elders living with dementia in our community,” Lynn said. “It’s how music affects our memory. So anytime you think of a song it brings you back to a certain place, and that really makes a difference to an elder who’s living all by themselves or living in a retirement community. It also teaches the kids about empathy towards our elders.”

Lynn wants to spread the word about how to care for those with dementia and their caretakers. She says supporting the people who live together as one in the world can help honor loved ones with the illness.