Nugget of Knowledge: New Monopoly pieces

YSU fans celebrate, there is a penguin token now!

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The results are in from the Monopoly voting.

Fans of the game in 146 countries cast 4.3 million ballots, choosing eight game tokens from 64 options.

Gone is the wheelbarrow, the shoe and the thimble.

The new lineup includes more animals: the Scottie dog, a cat, a T-Rex dinosaur, as well as a penguin, a rubber ducky, plus the top hat, the racing car and the battleship.

Those last three are really traditional. They’ve been Monopoly tokens from the beginning, so it’s a mix of new and nostalgia.

A group called the Thimble Collectors International tried to save the thimble with no luck.

And Ace Hardware tried to save the wheelbarrow. No luck, either. It had been a symbol since 1950.

The New England Aquarium and the Boston Museum of Science had lobbied for the penguin and the T-Rex and got them.

Some tokens rejected included emojis and cell phones.

The next generation of Monopoly with the new tokens comes out in August.

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