Brookfield residents ramp up efforts to stop injection wells

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – People in Brookfield are angry about two proposed injection wells. They’ve already spoken out about their concerns and now the group is taking an organized, public stand.

Brookfield residents and others from surrounding communities came together Thursday as one voice to stop the injection wells before the permits are issued.

Holding signs on the village green, the group wanted everyone passing by to know that they are against Highland Field Services plan to drill two injection wells off of Route 7 in the township.Brookfield Township residents do not want an injection well put in.

Tom Pickstone said he doesn’t see any plus side to the wells being drilled in his community.

“We don’t get any tax money for the township. Nobody is helping us in any way, shape or form. We don’t get jobs. They are just coming in and dumping waste,” Pickstone said.

Frackfree American National Coalition joined the protesters. Jane Spies is with the organization and says the company and the state needs to know the community doesn’t want the wells.

“ODNR needs to deny these permits and not even let it start. This is a bad business idea,” Spies said.

James Hennesy says the wells are too close to nearby homes. He has already collected more than 500 signatures for his petition, with more signing up Thursday.

“The message here today is somebody higher up in the state of Ohio please stop this. We don’t need anymore,” Hennesy said.

Highland Field Services has only applied for the permits to drill. ODNR will decide whether or not those permits will be issued. The public comment period is open for five more days.