Elevator opens up classroom space at Potential Development school

The school in Youngstown, which now has room for 50 more children, serves students with autism

Potential Development school for students with autism in Youngstown.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The installation of an elevator will give a local high school access to eight more classrooms.

Potential Development is a private charter school in Youngstown. All of its students have autism.

The new elevator opens up the high school’s second floor and allows Potential Development to serve 50 more students.

Executive Director Paul Garchar said the addition gives the school more freedom and space to help its students.

“If we’re stronger in K to 6 or 7 through 12, it just allows us a lot of flexibility with how we set up the classrooms. Maybe we need a smaller classroom with two or three students in it. This space gives us a chance to do that and better serve those students.”

Between the elevator installation and classroom renovation, the project costs around half a million dollars. Most of that money came from donations and fundraisers.