Nugget of Knowledge: Play Fact of Fiction!

Applesauce was the first food eaten in space

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Fact or Fiction?

Steven Spielberg has received more Oscar nominations across all categories than any other person.

Fiction: Walt Disney

Only female goats emit a powerful, pungent goat smell.

Fiction: Male goats smell.

Roaches will eat anything, even each other, but they’ll refuse to eat cucumbers. Cucumbers give them gas.


The first food eaten in space by an American was chocolate pudding. That was John Glenn aboard Friendship Seven.

Fiction: It was applesauce.

In 1936, Margaret Mitchell broke her ankle in a car accident and while recuperating in bed, wrote her one and only novel, “Gone With The Wind.”


To remove grime, germs and bacteria from your computer keyboard, it is surprisingly possible to put it into a dishwasher and use the low heat/cold rinse setting.

Fiction: Don’t ever do that. Use a cotton swab, paper towel or soft cloth and unplug first.

As your microwave oven ages, it can leak a small amount of radiation, harmful to small children and pregnant women who use the microwave every day.

False: It can leak some radiation over a very long time, but it’s insignificant.

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