Struthers bar raided for drug sales, city wants it shut down

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – A drug raid at a longtime Struthers bar Thursday has city officials looking to shut it down permanently.

Just after 7 p.m., Struthers police cars surrounded the main entrance of The Bowery — a bar on Midlothian Boulevard that’s been around at least 30 years.

The Mahoning County Drug Task Force and the Ohio Investigative Unit were also on the scene. They found cocaine and prescription drugs on two employees and customer.

Commander Jeff Solic with the Task Force said they are dealing drugs out of the bar.

“I know they are, yes, absolutely.”

The three were arrested and charged with drug possession. Police said there could be more arrests, along with an additional, more serious charge of drug trafficking pending an investigation.

“Normally these investigations in a liquor establishment sell smaller bar quantity amounts of drugs, and that’s what they were selling here,” Solic said.

An entire block of 7th Street off of Midlothian was shut down Thursday evening as police searched a house believed to be connected with the drug raid. Police said a male employee of The Bowery lives in an apartment in the back of the house.

William Grover lives across the street from the bar. He’s not surprised by the news of drug activity there.

“There has definitely been speculation around town, stuff like that, but I don’t frequent the bar often myself. I’ve been over there a few times. I mean, kind of a rough crowd,” Grover said.

Struthers Law Director Dominic Leone said the city will be looking into closing The Bowery.

“There’s numerous police reports of drug activity, disorderly conduct, alcohol-related offenses here and we are looking at filing a nuisance complaint.”

Police would not say who owns the bar or if the owner would be charged.