Make it Easy Monday – Lemon Power!

Lemon is great for cleaining cutting boards

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Every Monday this spring season, we’ll be giving you some simple ways to make life easier. We call it, “Make it Easy Monday.”

Don’t we need a little easy on a Monday?

Today’s tip is spring cleaning with the power of lemon.

There are so many uses for lemon. Its acidic nature is a natural cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant.

Lemon is great for cleaning and disinfecting your cutting boards, and if your garbage disposal stinks to high heaven, just drop a lemon quarter in and fire it up for a wonderful lemon fresh aroma!

And here’s one of the best uses for lemon: If you dread cleaning the microwave oven with splattered Spaghetti-o’s, here’s a way to clean the microwave without all the scrubbing.

All you need is a lemon, a microwave-safe bowl and about a cup of water.

Slice the lemon in half and squeeze it into the water. Drop them in the water and microwave full power for three minutes. The steam will condense on the walls and ceiling of the microwave and start working on the grime.

Now, this is important. When three minutes is up, don’t open the microwave. Wait another five minutes so the lemon can really break down the food. You’ll be able to wipe it clean with minimal scrubbing. For troublesome spots, dip the rag in the lemon water and wipe. Not only

For troublesome spots, dip the rag in the lemon water and wipe. Not only easy but now the microwave doesn’t smell like a gym locker. It has a lemon-fresh aroma!

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