Nugget of Knowledge: Peak age

Mid 70s are when we finally accept our body image

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – From “Business Insider,” we seem to reach a limit. We peak at certain things at certain times in our lives.

The magazine put together a timeline using different surveys and studies.

Linguists may argue about this, but the peak time to learn a second language easily is about age seven.

Finding it hard to remember names? That skill peaks around age 22.

A woman is most attractive to a man when she is 23. Then, it gradually decreases. With men, it’s the opposite. Their attractiveness grows as they grow older.

Your muscle strength peaks at age 25, and finding a marriage partner is best by age 26.

Have trouble remembering faces? That skill peaks at age 32.

A woman seems to reach her full earning potential when she’s 39. A man’s salary peaks when he’s 48.

Your math skills decline after age 50.

Your satisfaction with your own life. That’s age 69.

And your happiness with your own body? Finally, you’re OK with yourself when you reach 74.

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