Poland Burger King robbed at gunpoint

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Poland police have charged four people in connection to the robbery of the Burger King on Route 224.

U.S. Marshals arrested a 17-year-old suspect on Youngstown’s north side on Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier, investigators arrested Jonathon Daviduk and 18-year-old Dominic DePaul, charging them with aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

Angelle Schneider, 20, is charged with obstruction. Her charges come after police said she wasn’t honest during the investigation.

“She was hindering our investigation. We charged her with obstructing. She was actually inside there, I believe one of the employees,” said  Poland Police Chief Brian Goodin.

A frantic Burger King employee called police two minutes after she says the three masked robbers left the restaurant.

911 call: Poland Burger King robbery

Police said three people jumped through the drive-thru window, tied two employees together and put them inside the cooler, as they forced a third to give them the cash. In a 911 call, the employees said they managed to escape because they weren’t tied up properly.

Just through questioning, police say they were able to track down to track down one of the alleged robbers.

“Trying to still put it together. Obviously, everything took place last night, and we’re still trying to get some warrants issued through investigation,” said Chief Goodin.

Investigators say no one was hurt, and no customers were inside Burger King during the robbery.