Man vows to sue dealer who sold brother deadly drugs: ‘This is murder’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Nick Singelis calls his brother, Matthew — also a father of two, a hard worker who was driven. But last week, Matthew died of an overdose and now Singelis wants to sue the people that sold his brother drugs.

“He had a lot of plans, a lot of hopes, a lot of dreams,” Singelis said.

The 31-year-old battled addiction for 15 years — almost half his life — numerous times in and out of patient facilities and rehab.

Matthew Singelis

“This is becoming more than an epidemic. It’s becoming a plague and if we don’t do something about it now, we’re going to be losing not just folks like my brother, but lots and lots of people,” Singelis said.

He said his brother’s death was painful, but he plans to do something about it.

“I’m taking civil action against the people who sold my brother the drugs.”

Singelis said he knows who did it, and other people can join him in suing them by forming a class action lawsuit.

Though he has no legal experience himself, he said a team of lawyers is helping him.

“If the proper resources were allocated for this epidemic, this could be solved a lot quicker than the way they’re handling things now.”

Singelis has reached out to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, as well as the Department of Justice and the White House. He wants federal aid money to help local law enforcement deal with the drug problem.

“Because this is murder and right now, the books don’t have the proper laws,” Singelis said.

He admitted that his brother was responsible for his own actions, but also said drug dealers are preying on people who have a disease.

“When you treat this as a fact that this is a disease and you’re dealing with someone who is not in the right frame of mind.”

Last weekend, eight people in Trumbull County died due to overdose. In total, there were 189 overdoses in Trumbull County during the month of March.