Nugget of Knowledge: Play Fact or Fiction!

There are over 4,000 patents for different styles of mousetraps

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Here’s a game called “Fact or Fiction” — we’ll give a comment and you’ll have to guess Fact or Fiction.

A  2015 study revealed 16 percent of all NFL players are broke 12 years after retiring.

FACT. mainly because of the short career, overspending on houses, cars and poor business decisions. That and the handouts to family and friends.

Ringo Starr was the first Beetle to start wearing the Mop Top hair style?

FICTION. It was actually George Harrison who started the trend of shaggy looking locks.

The escalator began as a carnival ride. 

FACT. It was a ride at Coney Island in 1896! It was called the Revolving Stairs. The Otis Elevator company bought the patent in 1911.

The mousetrap has about 100 different patents.

FICTION. It has more than 4,000 patents. Obviously many people feel it can be improved, with different designs and ways of bringing death to furry little Mickey Mouses.

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