Youngstown students set eyes on ‘career vehicles’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Career Days give students a chance to see work options that they can explore. Youngstown Community School has what’s known as Career Vehicles Day.

The event gives kindergarten thru 6th-grade students a real-life look at vehicles which could be a path to their future training and/or employment.

Nine vehicles were available for the 350 students to look at Wednesday, including a fire truck, SWAT vehicle, a police cruiser, and even a WKBN 27 First News LIVE truck, which helps our news crews go on location for major local news.

Angela McCoy, with Youngstown Community School, said the show and tell part of the program works well with the students.

“They are saying I never knew that they did this. I never knew this was out there. I think they are learning a lot today,” McCoy said. “Being able to see the trucks and put their hands on different things inside the trucks has been something that keeps them engaged in learning at the same time.”

Most demonstrators explained which school subjects would help the students in their careers, and counselors hoped students would see what careers are available by applying themselves in school.