Sharon police officer delivers baby girl while on patrol

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) РA Sharon police officer was first on the scene Friday night as an expectant mother went into labor, using his EMT skills to deliver her baby.

It’s probably not how Officer Geoff Ballard thought he’d be spending his shift, describing it as a “whirlwind.”

“It seemed like everything was happening very quickly. I’d probably say less than three minutes after the time I got there that the baby was completely delivered.”

Ballard is also a part-time EMT and has a first aid kit in his car.

Sharon police respond to all ambulance calls, so when the call came in at 9:11 p.m., he was already prepared. Ballard beat the ambulance to the house.

He found the woman on the couch. Shortly after, her water broke.

The baby girl was born around 9:30 p.m.

Mom and baby are doing great, and are now at a hospital in Farrell. Ballard said he’d like to visit them soon.