Local farmers hope mild winter doesn’t lead to plant problems

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – From the farm to your table, area farmers are getting ready for planting season.

Right now, the ground is wet but farmers don’t think it will be too much of an issue.

At Angiuli’s Farm Market, there are around 250 acres to farm.

“We are picking and choosing where we can plant our crops. Right now, this past weekend, we planted some red beets, peas, onions and first planting of sweet corn went into the ground,” said Carl Angiuli.

Crops should be ready to go by mid-July.

Farmers are also using the rest of the month to get things ready for May, when most of the planting happens.

“We’re going to start by getting rid of some of the weeds in the field. We’ll kill those off by spraying those, taking care of those. If you work ground or till, we’ll work our way into planting, but usually, around here, it’s the first week in May we really get going and planting,” said Wayne Greier of Greier AG Center.

Many people enjoyed the mild winter, but for farmers, a warm winter can lead to problems with disease pressure. They’ll find that out after the temperatures warm up.

“Sometimes in the winter time, if we don’t get the extra cold or freezing — the hard freezing — we’ve got to look into more insect pressure coming into the spring, more disease pressure. Those real hard, deep frosts kill a lot of the problems that we have so we won’t know that until we get the fields worked and warmed, the soil warms up,” Greier said.

At Angiuli’s, the family-run farm is ready for another season.

It has been close to nine months since a devastating fire there. The farm stayed open after the fire and will be in business this summer.

“We plan on putting a new market up. That’s in the planning stages,” Angiuli said. “It will come here hopefully within this next year as the season progresses, and we decided the changes that we want to make to it.”