Trumbull Co. officials wonder if Easter is reason for zero drug deaths

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – There have been no overdose deaths in over a week in Trumbull County — a small victory for people who live there.

There’s a billboard along Route 422 in Warren that shows a woman overdosing, along with a phone number for those struggling with addiction to call. It’s a testament to the problems plaguing the county of late — 189 overdoses in March and 26 overdose deaths between March 1 and April 2.

But the last overdose death was April 8.

“We’re very pleased to hear that, obviously,” said April Caraway, with the county’s Mental Health and Recovery Board.

Sheriff Paul Monroe said law enforcement is “ecstatic” to hear the county has gone that long without a fatal drug overdose. He’s not optimistic that death by drugs is tapering off, though.

While he had no idea why the drop occurred, Caraway ventured a guess.

“Well, it was Easter and Passover, and maybe people spent time with their families and they weren’t using,” she said.

Monroe said they’re working to arrest and prosecute drug dealers, but that it’s very difficult.

“Unfortunately, they are able to say and do things that are unlawful, and they threaten the safety of people that may work for us in an undercover capacity.”

Sheriff Monroe also mentioned he will be hiring someone new to run the county’s drug enforcement operations due to “philosophical differences” on how the task force should be run.