Police looking for suspect who escaped Youngstown Juvenile Justice Center

According to investigators, the suspect stole a car but ditched it near a wooded area

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police are looking for a teenager who escaped from the Juvenile Justice Center in Youngstown.

According to investigators, 17-year-old Jeremy Britton hopped over a 20-foot tall barbed-wire fence at the JJC during recreation. He then forced a woman out of her Cadillac near Youngstown State University and drove down the railroad tracks near Hubbard Road.

Britton ditched the vehicle near a wooded area in Liberty and ran away from police. He is currently on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous.

“He swerved at one of our Task Force officer’s car when we tried to block him in the road. He swerved at him, jumped the curb, then got away,” said Major Jeff Allen, with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office.

Britton is currently on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous.

Wednesday afternoon, police arrested four people near a wooded area behind a tire shop on Hubbard Road and Holland Avenue. Those people were released after a brief investigation and weren’t charged.

Britton had been in detention for less than one month on aggravated robbery charges linked to the Burger King robbery in Poland.

Youngstown Juvenile Court Magistrate Carla Baldwin said he was appropriately supervised by staff when he escaped.

“This by no means is common practice, but everybody acted quickly and we’re working together as a unit to make sure that we apprehend him and make sure this does not happen again,” she said.

JJC says all of its students must have recreational time, and nothing like this has happened in the yard before.

“The fencing in the rec area has… in fact stopped previous attempts. Unfortunately, in this case, it did not,” said Detention Director Jason Lanzo.

Baldwin said she plans to review all protocols to see if there is anything that can be improved.

Police said if you do spot Britton, do not make contact with him. Rather, call police or 911 because he is considered dangerous.

Jeremy Britton, wanted for escaping the Juvenile Justice Center