Dancing flagger in Columbiana urges drivers to slow down and smile

Columbiana dancing flagger

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – A construction site in Columbiana is perking people up as they drive by.

Normally when you pass by a construction site, you may see a flagger holding up a sign and standing there. That’s not the case on West Park Avenue.

Meet Matt Cochrane, the dancing flagger.

Cochrane’s moves are pretty impressive, but he’s not dancing around just for fun. He says his job is to keep his workers safe and get drivers to slow down.

“They were coming around pretty quick. So I just started going like [dancing]. If you see something moving like that, I don’t care if you are on your phone – you aren’t supposed to do it, but I see a lot of people doing it – it gets your attention,” Cochrane said.

The best part of the job for him is making drivers happy and people are showing appreciation. His crew got free donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch.

“We are just like everybody else. We want to make it home at end of the day, too. Sometimes you are being stopped at construction areas and it ain’t the end of the day or world,” Cochrane said.

He reminded drivers to put down the cell phone while driving and be aware of those working along the side of the road.