Police charge Liberty woman’s neighbor with her murder

Sean Clemens is charged with murder

A woman was found dead inside a home in Liberty Township, Ohio.

LIBERTY, Ohio (WYTV) – Police have arrested a suspect in the murder of an elderly woman in Liberty early Monday morning.

Sean Clemens was taken into custody for questioning. He’s charged with murder and accused of killing 84-year-old Jane LaRue Brown.

Clemens lived across the street from Brown, according to investigators. Police aren’t releasing a motive for the killing at this time or saying what evidence they uncovered.

Another person was taken into custody but was released after questioning.

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Around 5:30 a.m. Monday, police were called out to a Cadillac on fire in the area of East Drive. Around the same time, neighbors heard some popping sounds of what they believed to be gunshots.

Liberty Police Chief Richard Tisone said the car was found to be registered to a home in the 500 block of Churchill Road, near the Liberty Library. Officers arrived to find the door had been forced open, and Brown was found dead inside.

Police aren’t saying how Brown was killed.


According to a call log from dispatch, a caller reported seeing a man walking a large white dog on a leash. She said the man then ran from the area.

Police removed two dogs from the Clemen’s home during their search. They said he returned there later on Monday.

Neighbors said they were shocked by Brown’s death. They said she was known to walk around the neighborhood and was friendly to everyone she came across.

Shirley Klink said she just saw the woman known to her as “Rue” on Sunday afternoon.

“She saw me wave and just that smile, that’s what I’ll remember her by is that smile and wave,” she said.

Neighbors said Brown took care of herself, walking two miles a day. On Sundays, she would walk to Denny’s to meet friends for breakfast. She also played golf regularly.

“I can’t believe someone would hurt her ’cause she’s so sweet,” said Carmen Frazier.

Brown had lived in her house along Churchill Road for 54 years. She was also known to put flowers on the graves of veterans every year.

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