Cortland diner that raised Trump sign gives him A+ after 100 days

CORTLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – President Trump’s first 100 days are receiving mixed reviews nationwide but at one diner in Cortland, most people are giving him an A+ for his efforts.

In October, Garry Fredrick and his daughters made their support “Facebook official,” if you will, after posting a picture of a Trump banner hanging over their restaurant — TopNotch Diner. They got a fair amount of backlash for it, but Trump’s win in November made them feel vindicated.

Fast forward to the president’s first 100 days and TopNotch is still standing behind him.

“I think he’s doing a good job…but he has a lot of obstructionists in his way,” Fredrick said.

He said several politicians, both Democrat and Republican, are holding Trump back but he thinks the president can continue to push forward.

“He’s done more in the first 100 days than most presidents do in four years.”

Gloria Nashtock, who was dining at the TopNotch on Thursday, said she made the right choice in voting for Trump. She’s thrilled he’s the president but after 100 days, she still has some concerns.

“I worry about the family being in positions of power, simply because they also have other businesses on the side,” Nashtock said.

Most of the patrons at TopNotch Thursday said Trump’s first 100 days have been remarkable. But in the next 100 days, they want him to kick it into high gear on the promises he made to the American people.

“I would like to see a more active role in immigration because we need to…get a handle on it,” Fredrick said.

“Health insurance needs to be covered more but with all the stuff that’s going on in Korea and everything, that’s gotta be watched more closely,” Nashtock said.

Not everyone at the diner had good things to say about Trump, though. There was a table full of people on Thursday who said they didn’t vote for the president and that they believe he is sending the country in the wrong direction.