LA production company wants to shoot thriller movie in Youngstown

Downtown Youngstown, Ohio skyline

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A Los Angeles production company has its eyes on Youngstown for its next movie — but wants a $2 million loan from the city to get it done.

Danielle Robinson, with Alan Siegel Entertainment, told city council Thursday evening that she wants to start shooting “Them That Follow” — a dramatic thriller — in mid-October.

Seventy-five percent of the $2.3 million budget would be spent in Youngstown. Siegel productions would be charged a quarter percent fee for the loan, to be paid back in 18 months.

“This movie is what we think is an awards film and one of the reasons we’re here today is because we plan on announcing this film at the Cannes Film Festival,” Robinson said. “The reason why it’s important, that we figure out what’s going on and if Youngstown is our partner, is because it would be a great opportunity to announce Youngstown as a location on a world scale.”

Economic Development Director Sharon Woodberry told council it’s an opportunity to generate a different part of Youngstown’s economy.

Council agreed to have the legislation drawn up and will hold a special meeting next Thursday to vote on the loan request.