Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra plays last New Castle show

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WYTV) – It’s the end of an era in New Castle.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has played at the Scottish Rites Cathedral every year for the last 16 years. Friday evening marked the company’s the final performance.

The night featured the music of legendary composer John Williams.

The orchestra said financial constraints have caused them to reexamine how and where the group travels.

Concert goers, especially season ticket holders, say this is a big disappointment.

“We were notified in April they would not continue the series, which saddened us,” said James McKim, VP of Scottish Rites. “But we’re optimistic and we’re looking to other things.”

“It’s been an enjoyment to have them with us and maybe as time goes on we will be able to rejoin that again,” he added.

“It’s certainly a rare opportunity,” one fan said. “We do periodically make the trip to Pittsburgh, but we like this better. Between the distance and the parking and the traffic, it’s a dream for us to see it close to home”

McKim said they’re also in talks with both the Youngstown and Greenville Symphonies to play at the hall.