Hubbard police propose reducing city jail to 6-hour holding facility

HUBBARD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Hubbard City Police Department is asking the state to reduce its jail from a 12-hour holding facility to six hours.

Ohio has flagged the city during its last two inspections for not having a physician on staff to check the jail’s medical policies.

Hubbard Police Chief James Taafe said it would be more cost effective to scale the jail back instead of hiring a physician.

However, the police department does not want to close the jail entirely. Taafe said in the long run, it’s more cost effective to run a 6-hour jail.

“Let’s say our community grows and it’s advantageous to open a jail in 2024. We would have to open a jail under the standards of 2024 rather than 2017, which would be a significant amount of money to upgrade.”

They need to go through paperwork with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections to get the approval. Taafe expects that within a month.