Plea deal discussions underway in Warren teen’s murder case

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – A possible plea deal is in the works in the case of a Warren teen accused of shooting and killing her father.

Although she was never part of the discussion, lawyers on both sides of the Bresha Meadows murder case made great strides Monday toward resolving it.

“We see if there’s some sort of mutual plea resolution, if we can get there, wonderful. If we can’t, like I said, we’re prepared to go to trial,” said defense lawyer Ian Friedman.

While prosecutors placed the potential plea bargain on the table Monday morning, there are still issues to iron out on both sides.

“Do I think we’re close to it? Yes. Those things may not be major things but yet and still, they’re not resolved yet,” said Assistant Trumbull County Prosecutor Stanley Elkins.

The now 15-year-old was arrested last July in the shooting death of her own father.

Family members have since widely described Jonathan Meadows as a domestic abuser. Still, other family members say the teen was acting out.

Meadows’ lawyer said he wants to see her released from detention and placed into an approved mental health treatment program — something he said she would need even if she were eventually cleared of the charges.

“I don’t think any reasonable person believes that, you know, this just ends and she goes home, and begins school, and everything’s all fine and good. There’s been too much trauma here,” Friedman said.

Last week, the judge denied a request to let Bresha Meadows out of juvenile detention, even though Friedman said she wasn’t getting adequate mental health care and that she would do better with her aunt in Cleveland.

The case has drawn national attention and once again, there were supporters for Meadows from the Columbus-based Ohio Student Association, who have been pushing for treatment instead of prison time.

“At least at this point, we can go forward and say that she, you know, now we’re doing the right thing and that she’s getting the help she needs,” said Kelsey Watkins.

Although another hearing is scheduled for May 22, the defense hopes to have the deal in place by the end of this week.