Nugget of Knowledge: Why time flies as we age

We have fewer "firsts" to mark time as we age

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Why does time seem to speed up as we grow older?

Scientists and psychologists have been studying this for years. Here are some theories:

The older we get, the fewer great moments we have. e measure time by our firsts…first kiss,

We measure time by our firsts — first kiss, first day of school, first family vacation. With the lack of new experiences in adulthood, times smoothes itself out and rushes by.

The amount of time that passes is relative to your age.

For a five-year-old, one year is 20 percent of her entire life. For a 50-year-old, it’s only two percent, that’s why it seems to be rushing.

As we age, we pay less attention to time.

When you’re a kid on December 1, you’re really counting down the days until Santa comes.

When you’re an adult on December 1, you’re focused on work, bills, family life, scheduling, deadlines, Christmas shopping and all of that boring adult stuff.

You don’t notice the passage of time until it’s gone.

And as an adult, you may feel there’s not time enough to get everything done. You interpret that as time is passing too quickly.

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