Special Olympics in Girard inspires all involved

Trumbull County's 8th Annual Special Olympics took place Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in Girard

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Hundreds of people packed into Arrowhead Stadium in Girard Saturday morning for Trumbull County’s 8th Annual Special Olympics.

“I just like to run,” said Andrea McKinnon.

“I get to see all of my friends,” said Bryanna Womer.

It’s their favorite day of the year.

“They bring their A-game,” said Girard High School Principal Bill Ryser. “They bring their maximum effort. They know that they’re competing for medals, they’re competing for applause and they’re competing for their personal best.”

The event is catered to the more than 300 participating athletes, but the volunteers said what they get from it is inspiration.

Which is why there’s so many volunteers — more than 400 to be exact. And about half of them are students at Girard.

“It’s an experience,” said Dustin Allen, a Girard junior. “It’s not just about being here and doing stuff. It’s the contestants and it’s just making their day great.”

Even though it’s a competition to get to the podium.

“A lot can be learned from these guys,” said Bo Greene, Fairhaven coach. “I mean not only just in sports, but in life too. It’s not all about getting the gold, you know.”