Girard man says city park is neglected

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – A Girard man said the city isn’t taking care of one its parks, and he wants more to be done to maintain it.

Hartzell Park is one of the city’s four parks, and it has seen better days.

The grass is overgrown, a tree rests on top of a swing set, and the slides have dirty, sitting water.

Vernon Mitchell lives nearby and said it’s been quite some time since someone came by to do maintenance.

“We’re not asking for much. Just cut the grass, take the trees down,” he said. “This ain’t right, you know that. You can see that.”

Mitchell said he is most concerned about the knee-high grass near the basketball court.

“With the weeds up like this, because the kids are still playing here, what about the snakes that might be out here? That’s under these trees that broke and fell down,” he said.

Mitchell said he has called the city a few times, asking if they’d send someone to the park, but they have yet to do so.

WKBN reached out Girard’s mayor to ask if he knows about the park’s condition, but we haven’t heard back.

In November, Girard voters passed a levy, which generates $50,000 to add to the recreation department’s budget for five years.