Nugget of Knowledge: Michael falling as a favorite name

Jennifer was a big fave for Generation X

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – What happened to Mike?

The Social Security Administration just released some new figures last Friday that shows that Michael is fading fast as a name for boys. It’s number eight on the popularity list and dropping.

It held on to the number-one spot on the list of top boys’ names for 43 out of 44 years — the longest stretch in the 20th century.

But last year, fewer than 14,000 newborns got that name in this country, the lowest level since 1940.

Noah is number one on the boy’s list. Emma on the girl’s list.

Former presidential candidate Mike Dukakis said he’s distressed. Football legend Mike Ditka is, too. His dad is a Mike and his son is a Mike.

Michael rose to the top after World War Two. White, black, rich, poor — all families chose it as the most selected male name from 1954 to 1998, missing only one year — 1960, when David was top.

When Generation X came long, it brought along the name Jennifer for girls — number one from 1970 to 1984.

Try to find a Jennifer today. It’s number 273 on the list.

Why did Michael last so long?

Ask Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson.

We’ve never had a president named Michael, and Michael Richard Pence is the first vice president with that first name. His son’s name is Mike, too.

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