State representative says zoning proposal doesn’t have enough support

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A local state representative predicted a new measure to stop local communities from regulating their own zoning issues will be defeated.

The measure would prevent local governments from enacting regulations that prevent residents from raising their own chickens or other small livestock, regardless of where they live. It was proposed by a lawmaker from Cincinnati.

Representative Mike O’Brien argues that the bill would simply be taking home rule power away from local communities and turning it over to the state.

“I’m greatly opposed to this piece. I think that counties, townships and cities, through their zoning regulations, can better serve the constituents than the state overseeing these types of issues,” he said.

O’Brien, who sits on the state’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, said the measure is now offered as a stand-alone bill and is not attached to any other legislation. He predicts in its current form, it won’t have enough support to pass.