Campbell ‘100 percent’ in support of medical pot operation in city

(AP Photo/Jeff Barnard)

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WYTV) – Campbell City Council voted Wednesday to support a plan to bring a medical marijuana growing operation to the city.

Council heard from those involved in a company called OH-GRO. At least one of the men with the company operates marijuana growing, processing, and dispensing facilities in Washington State, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

OH-GRO plans to apply for a tier one license. If it gets the license, the company will operate out of part of the old Calex Corporation plants on Wilson Avenue.

“We are absolutely 100 percent in support of having it come to our city,” Mayor Nick Phillips said. “It’ll start off with possibly a minimum of 50 jobs to begin with and will continue to grow as the facility grows.”

OH-GRO becomes the sixth company that’s made public their plans to grow medical marijuana somewhere in the Mahoning Valley.The other five want to grow it in the city of Youngstown.

The other five companies want to grow it in the City of Youngstown.