Wellsville wants in on speed camera action to catch fast drivers

WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – Wellsville is the next community with plans to use cameras to catch speeding drivers in the works — and the village is thinking about changing a traffic law, too.

East Liverpool’s police department started using speed cameras last month and collected money from 300 tickets in just the first week.

Neighboring Wellsville wants in on the action. The village entered a contract Tuesday with Blue Line Solutions to get portable radar cameras.

Drivers have mixed feelings about it.

Scott Gibbs said even though everyone should pay attention to the speed limit, he doesn’t want the cameras.

“I’m personally not a big fan of them but I do know in East Liverpool and here, it’s certainly going to help the tax base a little bit.”

Blue Line Solutions will pay for the officers’ services to use the cameras and will get 60 percent of the citations collected.

The village council also wants to make sure drivers slow down by schools, even changing how many miles per hour over the school zone speed limit drivers are allowed before they’re given a ticket. It used to be six miles per hour over — now it’s just one.

“It’s probably good for safety, with the kids and stuff,” Don Gunther said.

“As long as they really publicize it and people know, then I don’t have a problem with it as long as you know that that’s the rules,” Gibbs said.

Wellsville won’t start using the cameras until the police department gets them in and trains its officers on how to use them.

Officers in Youngstown, Liberty, and Girard are already using the handheld cameras to catch speeders.