Chevy Cruze enthusiasts tour General Motors’ Lordstown Complex

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Mahoning Valley takes great pride in being the home of the Chevy Cruze, but that pride is shared with thousands of others across the United States.

Friday, the Cruze Talk Social Media Group drove into town for its fifth annual Tour event in Lordstown. The group displayed their Chevy Cruzes outside of the UAW Local 1112 hall in Lordstown and then toured General Motors’ Lordstown Complex.

The Cruze Talk group this year included drivers from 16 states and Canada.
UAW Local 112 President Glenn Johnson said it was a good opportunity for car enthusiasts to connect to the ones who build them.

“It’s just an amazing interaction. They’re probably more adept at knowing what the Cruze is all about than the average person so their feedback is very important to us,” he said.

Andrei Pop, of the Cruze Talk Social Media group, said the Cruze is unique in that it has a diverse fan club.

“The Cruze, for some reason, attracts older people, younger people, middle-aged people, people through all walks of life, and they get together and they just click,” Pop said.