Suspected “gray death” drug dealer behind bars in Ohio

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – A suspected drug dealer is behind bars on felony charges after a man overdosed on “gray death” – a deadly combination of heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil — and died.

Bobby Singleton, 34, is charged with trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs – both felonies.

He’s in the Warren County Jail after 33-year-old Joseph Krouse was found dead at his Deerfield Township home on Saturday. Police believe he overdosed on gray death.

Through an undercover operation, officers made contact with Singleton and had him deliver gray death to undercover officers where he was arrested.

Lt. John Faine said authorities are trying to determine how the drug got into the area.

“We were able to follow this drug dealer. We saw him go to another location, buy the gray death himself, and then bring it back and deliver it to Deerfield Township where we were waiting to apprehend him,” he said.

Faine said many have heard about this deadly drug through the media and social media, so he doesn’t know why people keep taking it.

“Even just the name – gray death. The connotation that that brings, that would tell me, “Okay this may be very dangerous.” It’s hard for us to understand how, despite having that knowledge, people are still willing to ingest that into their bodies.”