Youngstown doctor to give up license after illegally dispensing drugs

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –  A local physician who operated a practice on Youngstown’s south side agreed to give up his license for the next five years.

Prosecutors said William Paloski was dispensing drugs to his patients and clients, sometimes even without a valid medical reason to do it.

Paloski appeared in court Tuesday morning with his attorney.

Members of the Drug Task Force began investigating his practice years ago after discovering bottles used to contain his prescriptions in local drug houses. Investigators said his so-called patients would take the drugs and then sell them or trade them on the streets.

Judge Scott Krichbaum told Paloski he should have known what was happening and that he had a duty to prevent it.

“I mean it simply as an objective observer here that you are not in the eyes of this court a doctor. I won’t refer to you that way,” Krichbaum said. “You stand before me as a person convicted of serious criminal offenses, felonies.”

For his part, Paloski apologized for what he had done to himself and his family.

Although he will not have to spend time behind bars, he was ordered to surrender his license and his permits to write certain prescriptions. He’ll also have to forfeit the building where his practice was located on Market Street as well as $250,000 in cash.