Mobility-challenged Youngstown boy gifted special wheels

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – One Youngstown child got a big, life-changing surprise on Wednesday.

Jayden Brown is a fifth-grade student at Paul C. Bunn Elementary School.

He has an identical twin brother. Their only difference is that his brother can play, run and ride a bike, and Jayden can’t.

His mobility is limited, due to his disability, but it got a little easier to get around on Wednesday.

Jayden was surprised during school announcements with a new bike, made special for him. It’s a hand-petal bike, and the money to buy it was raised by the Hine Memorial Fund.

Jayden’s mother said this will be great for him, for so many different reasons.

“It will encourage him to keep pushing himself to go forward, to reach his highest potential. Exercise, stay healthy and enjoy being a child,” said Charitter Brown.

Operation Search and Help, funded by the Hine Memorial Fund, is the organization that looked for money for the bike.

Jayden was happy with the gift. He was speeding around, smiling and loving his new bike.

Jayden Brown, of Youngstown, was gifted a new bike on Wednesday.