Hometown Hero’s food truck is rolling fundraiser for visually impaired

Jeff Stosik, Casino Cafe food truck in Warren

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – A unique food truck is parked outside of Menard’s on Elm Road in Warren and Jeff Stosik is using it to help the visually impaired right here at home.

You can’t blame people for mistaking it for a rolling casino, but the Vegas-themed “Casino Café” food truck is doling out steak sandwiches — not payouts.

“Our best item we have is called Chicago Italian Beef. Nobody has it around,” Jeff said. “It’s seasoned roast beef and you put certain spices on it — peppers, and onion, and Jardiniere, which is a spicy Italian topping.”

Jeff can cook, no doubt, but he can’t drive because he has tunnel vision.

But Jeff is proof you don’t have to have perfect eyesight to have a perfect vision.

He considers himself lucky and is giving back to help others through the Foundation for the Visually Impaired — which he started in 2010.

Jeff used to sell food in buildings downtown. The state helps disabled Ohioans make a living by running food concessions in government buildings, but vending machines have cut into that opportunity over the years.

“Now thanks to a generous donation that the foundation received at the end of last year, I was able to purchase this food trailer and keep my mission going of helping people with vision impairments in the Valley and Northeast Ohio,” Jeff said.

Many people with vision problems fall through the health care cracks. That’s where his donations come in.

“We have a whole variety of needs that people have as far as our new program is for — visual magnifiers to help people see, to handheld ones, to ones on your desk,” Jeff said. “Things like guide dog training, to mobility training, teaching people how to do things at home. You have retinitis pigmentosa, you have people like myself that have no peripheral vision. Cataracts, of course, is a visual impairment you need surgery for.”

Jeff doesn’t know exactly how many people he’s helped over the years, but each sandwich sold goes toward someone seeing a little better.

You can find him at his usual spot in the Menard’s parking lot, but you can also look for him at some festivals this summer.