East Liverpool Police Museum displays city’s rich history

Officer Kelsey Hedrick's favorite and the most popular attraction is the Pretty Boy Floyd section

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – What started as a window display for a festival in 2002 has grown into the East Liverpool Police Museum.

A step into the old East Liverpool jail is a step back into the police department and city’s rich history.

“The foot beat officer, when he would look up and see this light on, then he would go to his call box and get his call,” Officer Kelsey Hedrick said. “Then, the city would turn off this light. But, that’s how they knew they had a call before they had radio.”

The East Liverpool Police Museum stems from Officer Kelsey Hedrick’s love for the department’s history.

“Every officer here has a little bit of history in this museum and then officers way back to the 1800s,” Hedrick said. “I have items and pictures off.”

Hedrick created the museum entirely on donations from officers’ families or people who found old items.

“I started getting Cub Scouts who’d come to visit, Boy Scouts, school kids,” Hedrick said. “I get model a car enthusiasts.”

Hedrick’s favorite and the most popular attraction is the Pretty Boy Floyd section.

He’s collected pictures, old newspaper clippings and the actual investigation transcripts from the gangster’s run and capture in East Liverpool in 1934.

With information from those transcripts, Hedrick made a documentary and sells it to buy display cases and mannequins.

“A great documentary called ‘The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd’ and it’s done really well,” he said. “We’ve shown it in theaters and it’s now for sale here for $15.”

As for the growing museum, Hedrick says it’s fun to think about the equipment they use now and how it could fit in his collection.

“Try to figure out what to save today that the kids or the people are going to like years from now,” he said.