YSU freezes tuition yet again, competing with regional universities

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – For the fourth consecutive year, Youngstown State is likely to freeze tuition, meaning undergraduate students will pay around $8,300 dollars each school year.

The Board of Trustees passed its budget Wednesday, freezing in-state tuition.

The university is still waiting for Ohio to finalize its budget, which must be approved by June 30. If that budget includes a tuition increase for state schools, YSU will likely pass that increase onto students.

Regardless, tuition at YSU remains one of the lowest in the state for public universities, which makes the school appealing but can also create difficulties.

“Our tuition rate is not only lower than those in the State of Ohio, but those surrounding us in Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and New York,” said Leonard Schiavone, president of the Board of Trustees.

YSU’s in-state tuition is $1,500 below the state average, which is over $9,700 per school year.

In-state, undergraduate YSU students pay about $1,400 less in tuition than the average Ohio college. Compared to schools like Kent and Ohio State, it’s almost $2,000 in savings last school year.

But Tressel said keeping the tuition low has some drawbacks.

“Since our state subsidy has not increased dramatically over the year, and so it makes it more difficult to do some of the things and replace some of the positions, maybe, you’ve lost.”

YSU is bumping some prices, though. In-state graduate students will pay 3 percent more, along with students in Affordable Tuition Advantage — which reaches 22 counties in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York — who will have to pay $5 more per credit hour. Graduate students in the Affordable Tuition Advantage program will have to pay 4 percent more.