East Liverpool community critical in helping police fight drugs

Courtesy: East Liverpool Police Department Facebook

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – The City of East Liverpool is getting its residents involved in catching drug activity with its “See Something, Say Something” campaign.

It’s pretty self-explanatory — if you see crime in your neighborhood or on the road, report it to the cops.

“Being a small department, we can’t be everywhere all of the time and when they call in and let us know what’s going on, it helps us,” Capt. Patrick Wright said.

Signs have popped up all over the city. Residents or businesses can buy them or call the city to request one be put somewhere. These reminders to speak up have already proven their worth to the police department.

The campaign has only been around for a few weeks but has already put several drug dealers and users in jail.

“We had a traffic stop yesterday that resulted in the recovery of 25 grams of methamphetamine,” Wright said.

On Wednesday, another tip led officers to a home where drugs were being sold.

“This house picked up just within a day or two. Citizens called in, posted stuff on our Facebook page, and it resulted in a traffic stop today that resulted in a seizure of about eight to ten grams of heroin,” Wright said.

He said if you see anything, call the anonymous tip line — 330-385-1234 option 2.

You can also send a message to the East Liverpool Police Department’s Facebook page, which they constantly check and update with photos of recent activity.

“The outpouring of support for us has been very good for the officers,” Wright said. “They see what’s going on in this town, and they know what we put up with and deal with every day.”

Since the photos that they posted almost a year ago of a couple overdosed in a car with a child in the back went viral, the department has made it a goal to be transparent with what they do through Facebook posts. Wright hopes this will encourage the community to help them fight the drug epidemic.